About Let Nature Provide

Whether for your face, hands, hair, body or feet - Let Nature Provide's Promise is that you will find highly suitable skincare and haircare products here that will work extremely well for you.

Containing only the very finest natural ingredients, and with a range suitable for all skin and hair types, each of our natural products has been specifically created with gentle but highly effective 'care and repair' in mind.

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Our Founders

Jo and Steve Wegerif are the driving force behind Let Nature Provide Ltd, researching and globally sourcing only the very best natural and effective anti-ageing skincare and haircare products and making them available to a discerning customer base at realistic and affordable prices.

A photo of Jo Wegerif

A photo of Jo Wegerif, on a business visit to Budapest

Jo comments, "there is now a huge choice of skincare and haircare available from many manufacturers but not all can prove the beneficial effect of using them. Everyone should remember that what they put on their skin actually enters their bloodstream so it’s important to know exactly what a product contains. We publish a detailed INCI list for each of our products which confirms the complete exclusion of potentially damaging chemicals. The formal approvals gained by our manufacturers are only of the highest level. Praised by satisfied customers across the globe, the anti-ageing and repair ranges found on our website are expertly manufactured under the strictest guidelines and controls, and each of the products that we offer has thoroughly convinced us as to it's genuinely positive effect."