Is your hair suffering in this cold weather?

Our most popular natural haircare products since Christmas have been the Regenerating Shampoo with Argan Oil from leading hair product manufacturers NOAH of Italy. Why? Because only the very best natural Argan Oil is combined with other completely natural ingredients to combat dry, brittle and dull hair often caused by cold weather - whilst gently cleaning the scalp and restoring hair elasticity.

After use, most people prefer NOAH’s nourishing Natural Conditioner with Mango and Rice proteins – a natural conditioner deliberately excluding silicones, created to de-tangle and moisturise the hair. With it’s nutritive and revitalising ingredients, Mango and Rice Proteins, it is suitable for all hair types and will leave your hair feeling light, soft, protected and hydrated.

NOAH products are available at an affordable price from Let Nature Provide – you can browse, select and order today on our website.

Trust in NOAH, their natural and professional hair-care products NEVER contain SILICONES, PARABENS, PARAFFIN, MINERAL OILS, DEA or SL.