Best Natural, Organic Shampoos For Every Hair Type

Shampoos are something we use almost every day, yet many of the formulas you find lurking in bathroom cabinets or on supermarket shelves are full of synthetics, nasties and even toxins.

In fact, while many shampoos will boast natural ingredients (think lavender, milk and honey), most are still packed with harsh chemicals. On the flip side, many natural and organic shampoos are often ineffective, leaving hair feeling dry or even lank and lifeless.

Thankfully, whether you have curly, dry, thin, oily or coloured hair, our NOAH range of shampoos can effectively nourish and care for all hair types without any nasties - all our formulas are free from chemicals, parabens, paraffins, mineral oils and SLS to help make your shower a little greener.

The Best Natural Shampoo If You Have...

Coloured Hair

Coloured hair often needs a little bit of extra TLC. Hair dye and bleach can leave our manes feeling dry, brittle or with split ends - so finding a shampoo especially formulated for coloured hair is crucial.

The NOAH Colour Protection Shampoo is the perfect treat for dyed hair. It is both silicon free and organic and has been formulated to maximise the duration and intensity of your coloured hair. Using rice phytokeratines to restructure and repair, it also boosts softness and shine, helping to improve elasticity and even volume.


Many shampoos for dandruff are full of added chemicals and are, conversely, harsh on the scalp. Our NOAH Purifying Shampoo helps to calm sensitive scalps and can also ease itching while delicately cleansing the hair. The addition of natural ingredients green tea and basil help this shampoo to purify, cleanse and soothe.

Thin or Lifeless Hair

The NOAH Citrus Fruits Volumising Shampoo not only smells beautiful, but it also leaves thin or lifeless hair looking lustrous and full of volume - without the need for chemicals or toxic ingredients. This shampoo harnesses carefully-selected natural, botanical ingredients to cleanse the scalp, while the zesty citrus oils (lemon, orange and bergamot) will leave hair thick and lustrous.

Dry Hair

Our NOAH Regenerating Shampoo With Argan Oil is ideal for those with dry hair. The shampoo takes the very best natural, organic argan oil and combines it with other natural ingredients to combat dry, brittle and dull hair. At the same time, the shampoo also gently cleans the scalp and restores elasticity, leaving you with glossy, luscious locks.