Does Your Hair Need a Protein Boost?

We all know that we need to eat plenty of protein for healthy, strong and lean muscles, especially if we are active or gym goers.

Yet, many of us skip over protein when it comes to haircare, instead opting for nourishing, restoring oils to soothe our frazzled locks.

However, our hair thrives on protein, and we need it to keep our locks healthy and happy. In fact, if your hair feels dry, brittle or limp, then it could well be a sign that you need to boost your protein intake, or even try a protein-rich hair treatment.


What Does Protein Do for Hair?

Proteins are the building blocks for much of our body, particularly our skin, hair and nails. In fact, our hair is mostly made up of a protein (up to 85% of our hair is protein) called keratin. 

Because of this, we need a healthy supply of protein to keep our hair strong and ensure it grows. Yet, on the flipside, if we don’t eat enough protein, our hair can become brittle, lifeless, limp and weak. 


Signs Your Hair Needs More Protein:

If your hair is snapping off, or if it doesn’t grow past a certain length, then it’s likely you need more protein to strengthen and restore. However, you may also need more protein if:

Your hair is porous, since it is more susceptible to damage

Your hair looks limp and lifeless

Your hair has lost its elasticity (you can test this by wetting and stretching a strand of hair. If the hair bounces back without snapping, then your hair has good elasticity. However, if it snaps or gets damaged, then you may need a protein boost)

You’ve just coloured your hair


How Can I Boost Protein in My Hair?

First of all, look to your diet, and aim to eat a portion of lean protein with every meal, if you can. Ideal sources of protein include eggs, which are a complete protein and easily absorbed into the body. However, you could also try eating more animal proteins (think organic chicken or wild fish) or even pile your plates with vegan-friendly proteins, such as chickpeas and quinoa. If you struggle to get enough protein in your diet, then it could also help to supplement with a natural, vegan-friendly protein powder, such as one formulated with brown rice, pea or hemp protein.

We also recommend treating your hair to some TLC by way of natural proteins, such as wheat or rice proteins. Our NOAH Moisturising Shampoo with Sweet Fennel and Wheat Proteins is the perfect treat for dry, brittle and dull hair and can leave tresses feeling softer and smoother.

Meanwhile, our wondrous Nourishing Conditioner with Mango and Rice Protein is great for treating all hair types and can de-tangle and moisturise. The proteins also work to revitalise, leaving hair feeling light, soft, protected and hydrated.