How to Care for Children’s Hair

If you’ve ever fought with a wriggling, squirming toddler at bath time, then chances are you’ll know how tricky it can be to care for a little one’s hair.

First there are the endless knots and tangles which are impossible (and painful) to brush out. Then there is the dirt and grime that somehow seems glued to their scalp - glitter, sand and mud. And that’s without even considering what we should wash or condition their hair with, or how often we should do it.

If you find bath time a constant struggle, or your child always has knots or unruly hair, then here are our top tips on how to care for it - naturally.


Avoid Chemical Ingredients: 

Whenever we are washing our child’s hair, some of the product we use is absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream. When you put it like that, it makes sense that we should avoid artificial ingredients, such as chemicals or toxins. Wherever possible, aim to only use pure, honest ingredients on your child and their hair - our NOAH range is full of natural goodness, and can make bath times less stressful, leaving more time for splashing and fun!



Unless your child likes wrestling in mud kitchens (or plays a lot of sport, or likes to swim), it’s OK to simply wash their hair just once or twice a week - children don’t tend to have as much oil in their hair until they reach the age of nine. Avoiding too much washing is especially important for delicate, newborn skin, which should only be washed occasionally and with pure water. 

If your little ones struggle or get tearful, lean them back to avoid getting shampoo in their eyes. You should also rinse with fresh water from the tap, rather than bath water. 

Our NOAH Kids Shampoo with Milk & Sugar is designed for frequent washing, whereas we also have a kid’s shampoo for long hair. Both formulas are designed to be used on sensitive, delicate skin with no damage or irritation to the scalp. The shampoos will also leave your little one’s hair soft and silky, thanks to the milk proteins and natural sugars.



If your child is always suffering from tangled hair, or if they swim a lot, then a good conditioner is essential. It may be able to save a lot of tears come brushing time, too!

Our NOAH Kids Conditioner Milk & Sugar Detangling Spray is incredibly gentle and tear-free due to its light formulation, yet very effective in detangling. Simply apply from the mid-lengths to the end of the hair. This not only makes hair soft and hydrated but is also ideal for long as well as thin hair that has a tendency to knot. Our other top tip is to de-tangle long hair with a wide-tooth comb before you wash.


Make It Fun!

Once kids reach a certain age, bath time can be a minefield - and every bit as stressful for parents as it is for kids! However, try to avoid the tears and stress by making bath-time fun! Bring plenty of bath-time toys into the bath, tell stories, pretend to be sea creatures, or even try a shampooing game - cover your little one’s eyes with a damp wash cloth and ask them to guess where the water will touch their head first. It can also help to encourage independence, such as asking your kids to apply their own conditioner.


Healthy Diet:

For truly healthy, luscious locks, a varied and healthy diet is essential! This means encouraging kids to drink plenty of water, eat a rainbow of fruit and veg, and load up on protein, such as boiled eggs or chicken.

If your little ones aren’t too fussy, these foods are brilliant for healthy hair: salmon contains omega-3s to nourish and thicken (almonds and walnuts also contain these healthy fats), whole grains, such as brown rice or whole meal bread, contain biotin, which is needed to help our hair grow, while carrots are rich in vitamin A, which helps with cell growth and sebum production. 



You shouldn't really blow dry your child’s hair (their skin and scalp are sensitive to heat), and aim to let hair dry naturally. If you need to blow dry hair, pop the drier on the lowest possible heat setting and hold it at least 15cm away from the hair. When it comes to towel drying, don’t rub - this can cause breakage and damage - and blot up dampness instead.


Remember - Each Child’s Hair is Different!

Long, curly, dry, straight, thick, fine or oily…just like their personalities, every child’s hair is different! Try to tailor your little one’s haircare according to their hair type. Our NOAH range features a shampoo for regular washing, and a shampoo for longer hair.