How to Care For Your Hair on Holiday

Now that we are well into July, many of us will be counting down the days until we are sat on a beach, cocktail in hand and sun beating down on our skin.

Yet, while you may have already decided what to pack and dashed to the shops for your suncream, have you stopped to think about how how you'll be caring for your hair?

A combination of damaging UV rays, chlorinated water and even a change in water in the shower can leave of our hair feeling frazzled, damaged hair and in need of some TLC when we’re on holiday. Definitely not a recipe for the lustrous, thick and glossy hair we all crave! 

For damage limitation, here are our top tips on how to care for your hair this summer holiday.

Protect Your Hair

The sun’s harsh rays can be extremely damaging to the hair, leaving it parched and broken. If you have coloured hair, then you’re in for double trouble - the sun can also affect the quality of your dye, leaving blonde hair bleached and even affecting the vibrancy of red hair!

No one wants to ruin their golden glow with frizzy, dried-out locks. So, to avoid sun damage, spritz your hair with a heat protection spray before you head to the beach in the morning. We love our NOAH Thermal Protection Spray, which contains Pro-vitamin B5 and rice protein to protect the hair from heat damage. Harnessing only the best, natural ingredients, it hydrates and nourishes, leaving your hair feeling soft and smooth.

We also recommend that you pop on a wide-brimmed hat when you’re out in the sun. Not only will this add a dash of old-school Hollywood glam (you can add to the look with a pair of large sunglasses), but your hair and skin will both be protected from the sun!

Leave Behind the Straighteners

While it can be tempting to style and straighten the hair before you hit the beach bar, try to leave the straighteners at home - if you can! Not only will this protect your locks from yet more heat, but your hair will likely go frizzy once you step out into the heat, anyway. Instead of straightening your hair, why not try a glamorous up-do or even embracing those beachy, laid-back waves? Similarly, avoid blow-drying your hair if you can avoid it.

If you do suffer with frizz, then you may want to try using a serum instead of your hair drier or straighteners. Our NOAH Restructuring Serum With Ylang Ylang and Flaxseed Oil repairs hair without weighing it down and fights the frizz thanks to the natural oils.


After a day of sun, sea and sand, it’s important to care for your hair and give it the care it needs. As soon as you’re back in your hotel room, wash your hair with a good shampoo (we recommend trying NOAH’s Strengthening Shampoo With Lavender, which is designed for regular washing and for swimmers)  to get rid of any salt or chlorine.

Once you’ve given your hair a good wash, then you can apply a nourishing conditioner. Our NOAH Restructuring Cream With Yogurt helps to repair and replenish the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. 

You may also want to try popping on a leave-in conditioner before you head out into the sun. Simply smooth over your hair, then braid or tie back in a loose ponytail and go! By the time you wash your hair come the evening, your hair will be baby soft and smooth.

Brush Gently

While it can be tempting to brush your hair quickly, it’s crucial to be gentle with your hair when you’re on holiday. Avoid harsher brushes and, instead, pack one with soft, gentle bristles - you may even like to invest in a brush designed for brushing wet hair, which is perfect for using around pool and after your shower.

Use a Hair Mask

Once you’re home, it’s likely that you’re not the only one feeling the holiday blues - your hair will be feeling it, too. To replenish damaged locks, pop on a replenishing hair mask. We love the NOAH Regenerating Hair Mask With Argan Oil, which provides strength, vitality and shine and fights split ends.