How To Prepare Your Hair For Autumn

As the nights start to draw in and the temperatures plummet, you may find that your summer haircare regime is in need of a refresh.

The frostier temperatures may mean that your hair needs some extra TLC, or you may find that your locks are craving a moisture surge after soaking up all that summer sun.

If your hair isn’t quite as glossy and luscious as you’d like it to be this autumn, then here are some of our top tips on getting it into the best condition possible.

Time for a Trim

Whatever your hairstyle or length, refresh your look and book in for a trim! Not only is the autumn the perfect time to try something new, but a haircut is also vital for healthy hair and eradicating any brittle, dry or broken ends. 

Deep Condition

Wherever you can, aim to deep condition your hair once or twice a week. However, the turn of Autumn is the ideal time to embrace new habits and get started if you don’t already do so. 

A deep conditioning treatment can completely transform your hair, helping to add shine, moisture and even strength. Our NOAH Regenerating Mask With Argan Oil helps to repair split ends and restore dry, damaged and treated hair. Meanwhile, our NOAH Colour Protection Hair Mask With Rice Phytokeratin is the perfect treat for those of you with coloured hair. A silicone-free regenerating mask, it is designed to enhance both the hair colour and prolong its duration and vibrancy.

Add Some Protein

If your hair is snapping or looks limp and lifeless after the summer, then you may well need a protein boost! Enjoying plenty of protein in our diets (in other words, eating plenty of lean meat, fish, eggs, lentils, chickpeas or tofu) helps to keep our hair strong and lustrous. 

You may also want to try adding a protein-rich shampoo or conditioner to your hair care regime. Our NOAH Moisturising Shampoo With Sweet Fennel & Wheat Proteins is perfect for dry, brittle hair and will leave your locks feeling soft and smooth!

Protect Your Style

Now that the sizzling temperatures are a distant memory, air drying your hair may not be possible. If you frequently use heat to style your hair during the cooler months, whether that’s with a hair drier or straighteners, then spritz with a thermal protectant first! Our NOAH Thermal Protection Spray is a must-have for preventing any heat damage. With plenty of natural ingredients to love - think Pro-Vitamin B5 and rice proteins - it will also hydrate and nourish.

Consider a Silk Pillowcase

While it may sound luxurious, investing in a silk pillowcase to sleep on is well worth the money. Not only will it help to prevent hair breakage and damage, but it will also keep your locks frizz-free. As well as this, silk pillowcases are also thought to ease wrinkles and puffy skin come morning time.

Try a New Colour

If you’re feeling bored of your current ‘do, why not embrace the changing seasons and try something new? A new colour is always a great way of refreshing your look. However, if you do colour your hair, make sure you care for it using our NOAH haircare - we have plenty of products aimed at coloured and treated hair!