Winning awards with Noah at the Natural Products Show!

As shown in the picture below, we are delighted to have won two awards at the recent Natural Products Show for Noah Beauty by Pure Brands.

At Let Nature Provide we supply the most natural organic and effective skin and haircare products to discerning consumers throughout the UK, Scandinavia and Europe  – all are especially beneficial to those who suffer from dry, oily or sensitive hair or skin. Chemical free, and remembering that ‘what goes onto your skin goes into your bloodstream’, the world leading products we provide are suitable for all age ranges and skin types.

The companies we exclusively represent are Seaflora from Sooke, Canada - Pure Brands (Noah Beauty) from Venice, Italy and Shirley Price Aromatherapy from Hinckley, UK.

Seaflora are the only certified organic seaweed skincare company in the world. Up to now their main markets have been Canada, The USA and Asia where their sales growth has been phenomenal.

Noah by Pure Brands make a fantastic range of natural haircare shampoos, conditioners and treatments for all types of hair whether short, long, frizzy, coloured, styled or seeking volume

Shirley Price Aromatherapy make a huge range of skincare and aromatherapy oils, we have selected a range of Care and Repair products which we know well from working with them previously. 

All of these natural products are available on our website. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices, and like so many of our customers tell us – delighted with the results.