Noah Hair Mask with Argan Oil is our product of the month!

Based on a number of extremely positive reviews from happy customers, we've decided to make NOAH's Regenerating Hair Mask with Argan Oil (2.3) our Product of the Month!

Noah, for those not familiar with the brand, formulates and manufactures it’s own natural hair-care products in Italy where ladies love to show off their beautiful hair. Containing only pure essential oils and natural plant extracts, unlike many others Noah’s products do not contain damaging parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, DEA and SLS.

Here's one of the recent reviews, from Juliette in South West London...

Although I care very much how my hair looks, for a long time I did not buy hair masks, deeming them unnecessary and preferring to opt for a product usually applied after washing and before drying. But the result never seemed to last for long. However, I spotted the Noah regenerating mask with argan oil on your website, experienced a sudden urge to give it a try, and promptly put it in my basket before having a second thought. I have to admit that I had not heard of Noah before and now I am really glad that I have.

Anyone who, like me, suffers from dry hair knows the fight against the effect of ‘sorghum broom’ (shaggy and ruffled hair), especially at the tips. This hair mask from Noah really does transform the feel which also helps hugely with styling, and the delicate fragrance left after application is designed lasted well. I am very impressed with the smoothness which you can feel immediately after rinsing and a softness and manageability that really does last for a long time.

I really do recommend this nourishing and hydrating mask from Noah. Thank you!