Why Seaflora seaweed skincare have never used harmful plastic micro beads in their skincare creams

Micro beads are tiny plastic beads found in some beauty products to act as an exfoliant, but which as recently featured throughout the world’s media are now known to cause serious harm to many forms of marine life.

Some states and provinces in Canada & USA have instituted full bans on all products containing micro beads, and the UK Government are under pressure to do the same. Being tiny, micro beads are ingested by organisms throughout the food chain, from tiny plankton through to marine mammal life, and recent studies indicate that they could be a major threat to the health of whales and other species of marine life, including fish being sold for human consumption. 

Seaflora skincare does not (and has never used) micro beads in any product. Instead, our exfoliating ingredient is tiny natural particles of nutrient-rich and certified organic ocean mud. Unlike crushed nut shells commonly used as an exfoliating ingredient by certain other natural brands and which have rough jagged edges, Seaflora’s organic ocean mud has been rounded to a perfect sphere by centuries of wave action and natural ocean mechanics - leading to a gentle exfoliation that does not tear or harshly irritate the skin. 

Every reason to trust Seaflora can be found on their website (seafloraskincare.com) and many of their highly effective products can be purchased online at Let Nature Provide.