Why You Should Be Using Natural Shampoo For Your Children

When it comes to our little ones, all mums and dads worry about one thing: their health.

Yet giving our little ones the best start in life goes far beyond the foods we feed them and the lessons we teach them. It’s also important that we use kind and natural products which are free from nasties, parabens, chemicals and other harsh ingredients.

Unfortunately, many hair products aimed at children aren’t as safe as they should be. If you are worried about what goes into the products you use on your children at bath time, then this is the blog for you!

Here is why you should be using natural shampoo on your little one’s hair - and the ingredients to avoid.

Avoid Chemical Ingredients

Whenever we wash our little one’s hair (and our own too, for that matter!), some of the shampoo will be absorbed by the skin and into the blood. And when you consider that the skin is our biggest organ, it makes it more important that ever that we avoid any artificial ingredients, such as chemicals or toxins, in the shampoos we buy for our children.

As a handy guide, here are some of the ingredients you should give a miss when it comes to buying shampoo for kids:

  • Talc - this can irritate the scalp and the skin and is also potentially carcinogenic. Unfortunately, it is found in many products aimed at children, especially baby powders.
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) - Another irritant, this is often used as a foaming agent but may decrease your skin’s resistance and increase its ability to absorb harmful chemicals. 
  • Parabens - These are commonly found in body washes, shampoos and soaps, yet they may disrupt hormones in the body.
  • Fragrances - Artificial fragrances can also irritate sensitive skin and are often made of synthetic chemicals which come from petroleum. They should especially be avoided if your little one is prone to eczema, has cradle cap or dry skin conditions. Aim to find shampoos with natural fragrances or essential oils, such as lavender or citrus.

Instead, aim to use shampoos which contain natural ingredients, such as essential oils and nourishing oils (think avocado, coconut or almond) or yoghurt and milk - our NOAH range is full of natural goodness, and can make bath times less stressful, leaving more time for splashing and fun!

Our Natural NOAH Shampoos for Children

We pride ourselves on using only the most natural ingredients in our NOAH shampoos for children - our NOAH Kids Shampoo With Milk & Sugar for frequent washing and our NOAH Kids Shampoo with milk and sugar for long hair.

Both formulas linked below are designed to be used on sensitive, delicate skin with no damage or irritation to the scalp. The shampoos will also leave your little one’s hair soft and silky, thanks to the milk proteins and natural sugars.